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2022 FHA high balance conforming loan limits of 

$937,500 now!

Seriously! 2022 conforming loan limits aren’t released until mid-November. However, Excel Financial Group, LLC is honoring estimated conventional loan limits for high-cost counties!

We are the only lender, we know of, allowing the expected 2022 FHA high balance conforming loan limits of $937,500 now with no restrictive jumbo loan overlays!


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This is different from the $625k we did videos on,  that was for nationwide,  this is just high balance areas and up to $937k!



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high-cost counties

It can be hard to win deals in these areas so let us be the secret that you use to win more of your clients’ offers.

San Diego County

San Francisco County

Santa Cruz County

Santa Clara County

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County listed just

This could mean up to $80,000

more in buying power! 

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