New Home Construction All in One Loan!

As Little as 5% Down!

New Construction and Permanent 30yr Loan All In One! 

Proudly serving California, Colorado, Florida, Texas, and Wyoming

One-Time Close New Construction loans provide a faster, easier way to help homeowners get into the dream home they want! 


  • Save time and money. One closing means only having to cover one set of closing costs.
  • No settling. With new construction, your borrowers really can have the home of their dreams.
  • Only 5% down. A low down payment makes new construction loans accessible for more borrowers.
  • One approval. No need for a second approval.
  • Float down option. Once the loan is complete, borrowers can float down to secure a lower interest rate if the market changes or stay locked in no matter how the market moves.
  • Initial interest-only payments. During the build period, the borrower can enjoy a lower, interest-only payment.
  • Less out-of-pocket expense. The borrower doesn’t have to pay for the build and then get a mortgage. The mortgage pays for the build!


  • Levels the playing field. Gives general contractors more freedom to build unique dream homes for their clients, rather than cookie-cutter developments.
  • Get paid faster. Once the loan is closed, the cash is ready to be used for labor and materials. It also saves the expense of having to pay for the build up front and then find a buyer.