Conventional Loans

Conventional Loans

A conventional loan is any type of loan that is not secured or guaranteed by a government agency. Because conventional loans have relatively stringent guidelines when it comes to credit scores and minimum down payments, they are attractive and best-suited to Colorado mortgage borrowers that have good to excellent credit.

One benefit of getting a conventional loan here in Colorado is that they are usually much faster to process than Federal Housing Administration (FHA) or Veterans Affairs (VA) loans.

Conventional home loans can be either fixed mortgages or adjustable-rate mortgages, and they include conforming as well as non-conforming loans, and jumbo loans.

If your are looking to get a conventional loan on a Colorado home then the Excel Financial Group can help you find out what mortgage specifics are exactly right for you.

Conventional Loans

Conventional Limits

Units Loan Limit
1 $647,200
2 $828,700
3 $1,001,650
4 $1,244,850

NOTE:  Additionally, we can access a loan amount of $684,250 for all counties including: Adams, Arapahoe, Boulder, Broomfield, Clear Creek, Denver, Douglas, Eagle, Elbert, and Garfield.

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