A Reverse Mortgage might be the answer!


Gone are the days of someone taking your home because you can not make a payment. Imagine spending your time having your home equity pay for all the things you wanted to do.

Or helping a family member buy a home of their own.


Who does a reverse mortgage work for?

This amazing program works well in four different instances.

You owe $0 on your home

You owe nothing on your home and don’t have significant retirement income so the income from the reverse mortgage helps increase your quality of life by supplementing your income.

You owe some money

You owe money on your home, but maybe you are having trouble with your payment. With a reverse mortgage you can minimize the monthly payment on your home!

You owe little or no money

 You owe little or no money on your home AND have great retirement income, but using home equity in certain years rather than dipping into retirement too early can have tax benefits for certain borrowers.

You want to help buy a home

Proceeds can be used as a
gift or early inheritance to
help an heir with down
payment on their own home

Reverse for a refinance


Reverse for a purchase


Analyzing your unique situation

Here at Excel, we do more than just blindly tell you what programs you should do. 

We take the time to get to know your own specific needs and situation. If something doesn’t work for you or makes you uncomfortable, then we will make sure you are taken care of first and foremost! 

We will explain everything

We are always here to make sure you know exactly what is happening, over the phone or in person. 

If this will impact more than just you, we are always happy to speak to your kids and spouses as well so everyone understands the process.

Managing your home finances shouldn’t be hard  

This can be the difference of losing your home and enjoying your retirement.

It is free to give us a call or send us a message to find out more!

"[A reverse mortgage] literally meant the difference between staying in my home or having to move."

– Anoymous

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